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Corridor of


About The Corridor

Our Corridor of Social Innovation explores the natural and built environments and induces the creation of Social Brands, services, and experiences that can be leveraged to create a meaningful impact in communities and their contexts.


This Corridor consists of 4-5 courses, each outlined below, and culminates with a final product we call the Integral Visions Master Plan.


What You'll Gain

Intellectual Capital
  • Applied global business strategies

  •  Learning by doing: We focus on readily applicable knowledge

Brand Capital
  • Be part of an informed business community

  • Gain brand value through top-tier project experiences

  • Get a certificate from our alliance

  • Expand you network with peers around the world

  • Experience a diversity of  participant backgrounds

Career Capital
  • Professional acceleration 

  • Enriched leadership skills

  • Build confidence in your project development abilities

  • Professional and company positioning

  • Emergence of new business strategies

Business Capital
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