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Architectural Structure

Corridor of Innovation in BUSINESS

About the Corridor

The Corridor of Innovation in Business examines the innovative approach of a smart architecture for business, where economic development, strategy and social-oriented business models are used to connect to the user/client.


This Corridor consists of 4-5 courses and culminates with a final product we call the Smart Social Investment Master Plan.

What You'll Gain

Intellectual Capital
  • Applied global business strategies

  •  Learning by doing: We focus on readily applicable knowledge

Brand Capital
  • Be part of an informed business community

  • Gain brand value through top-tier project experiences

  • Get a certificate from our alliance

  • Expand you network with peers around the world

  • Experience a diversity of  participant backgrounds

Career Capital
  • Professional acceleration 

  • Enriched leadership skills

  • Build confidence in your project development abilities

  • Professional and company positioning

  • Emergence of new business strategies

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