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Enroll in one or more of our 5-week online courses for live and asynchronous lessons, collaborative discussions, and a global community of peers to accelerate your learning.

Individual Courses:

  • Are offered in a variety of disciplines (design, social innovation, tourism, business and technology) 

  • Are shorter in duration than a full Corridor of Innovation.

  • Can be taken concurrently (more than one at once) if the schedules allow

Individual Courses

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The DYOU Difference

If you haven't noticed, we're big on tangible change, impactful social interventions, and directly applicable knowledge.

That's why every course we offer ends with a final project. These are high-impact, functional proposals aimed to spark the implementation of interventions fueled by design, entrepreneurship, and social innovation.

** Our final project sites are brought to YOU: Maps, videos, native guest speakers, drawings and literature will inform the participant about the contexts to be intervened)​.

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