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Digital Business Transepts

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Cities are creative hubs; learn to promote digital business crossings

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Service Description

*This course is currently offered in Spanish. Culture possesses a value in itself and value dependent on its impact in a community. Once it is analyzed, the identity of a neighborhood, while persisting, may seem at times to disappear. Although the notion of culture is an invisible trait, it becomes present and represented by a remarkable variety of experiences based on information. The notions of culture and its manifestations, including tradition and succession, are constantly invited to become activators of an interdisciplinary exploration process, so their significant attributes collaborate in the development of new interpretations, and at the end, of a newly-designed cultural-layer informed by technology. Learn how to find and see experiences as artifacts. The ones found in the study areas are exhumed, de-layered in isolated elements and series, juxtaposed to create new readings of the area, fused by combining their planimetric and perspective characteristics, and materialized into new compositions using digital simulations. The purpose of proposing the creation of new digital transepts to intelligently integrate the experiences of the different districts of the city. Deliverable: The Digital Transept Master Plan in the context of Palma de Mallorca, Spain.



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