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Immersive Concept Development

This course can no longer be booked.

In the age of conceptual economy, powerful insights generation is key

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Service Description

You learn about the source of disruptive ideas where questioning is how innovators do their work. it's the Catalyst Questioning for others that make up an innovator's grammar, such as observing, networking, and experimenting. We teach you how Innovators ask a lot of questions to better understand what is, what might be, what is not and what you think it is, but it is not. The course focuses on ignoring safe questions and going right for the unexpected ones--the questions that can question common wisdom and can even disrupt an entire industry. In this course, guests from a diversity of backgrounds are taught to take conventions and references and turn them on their head—to make concept development go from the ordinary to the unexpected in one amazing flight. We ask the participants not to create an emotional connection with the concept developed, but rather to invent a way to impregnate an idea, product, service, space, object or experience with catalytic magic to generate curiosity through the interplay of different meanings. Deliverable: The Master Plan of Narrated Meaning at Eddy, 25N-90W Golf of Mexico



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