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Modeled Semantics

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Learn a Design Process, so YOU can be at the center of all disciplines

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Service Description

* This course is currently offered in Spanish. In this course, the participant will learn that the static way of applying theory before practice is reversed. In the exercises that guide dYOU's interdisciplinary programs, the theory follows and analyzes the realization of the work. Design does not follow theory. Learn that the first duty of the designer lies in its fidelity to the language. The designer is a person who has, in the word, a powerful instrument. Unlike the tools of a craftsman, painter or a musician, the words are swollen with ambiguous and even contradictory meanings. Elucidate means to use them, purify them, make them real tools of our 'thinking and no masks or approximations. To that end, the participant will be constructing physical models in order to achieve as many levels of meaning as possible. These built structures are understood as those that regulate the process of thought and design and are not predetermined, but rather enter into a journey that reaches the realization of something, of a series of ideas that will be converted into spaces, universes and technological ecosystems of entrepreneurial activity. Deliverable: Concept development master plan: Panama Canal, Panama.



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