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Women as Promoters of Social Innovation

Social Design and Innovation System™

Learn how to conform to a creative and engagement environment with the power to organize communities from different backgrounds around a series of workshops where the participants can be guided through concept search, design and develop the infrastructure they need and yearn for.  Once the environment is established, you will learn how to positively impact communities through the Social Design and Innovation System, SDIS.  

The idea is to maximize the creative and productive potential of individuals belonging to a variety of communities in cities and rural contexts in order to generate a series of social entrepreneurship initiatives  promoted by technology.  The course will teach you how to replicate the System that is designed for entrepreneurs who see, in social and natural environment based contexts, opportunities for the creation of a wide variety of business models with smart investment strategies to empower communities through economically feasible projects.

Deliverable: Social Innovation Master Plan inspired in Chihuahua, Mexico

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